Directions is an annual magazine by Design Hotels that looks at movements in travel, art, design, food, and wellness, and how they affect the way we live and move around this planet.

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Since 1993, we’ve been crafting a portfolio which today includes 300+ privately owned and operated hotels that reflect the vision of independent hoteliers—or “Originals”—with a passion for culturally-rooted hospitality and cutting-edge design and architecture. From the pioneering boutique hotels of New York, Paris, and London, to the rising stars of Shanghai, Mexico City, and Nairobi, to remote mountaintops, hidden beaches, and off-the-beaten-path escapes, each independent hotel in our hand-picked collection is a wholly unique creative expression, steeped in the history, culture, and the nature of its environment. “Walking is a way to come home, to connect with the world. There is no map with the best route for that.”

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