The Good Traveler

Thanks to the pandemic and the climate emergency, traveling, especially long-distance travel, has become far less commonplace and far more consi­dered. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. If we are going to continue to travel less, but better, in the future and maybe take longer to get to our destinations by paying more attention to how we travel as well as where and why, then it becomes even more important to choose the right place and to learn to really treasure that journey when we take it. The good traveler is a considerate and respectful traveler who moves with the lightest of steps possible and equips both mind and body for their journeys. To get closer to this goal, we have started a mental packing list to share. It is one we intend to keep working on, as best we can, one step at a time...

Illustrations Estefania Loret de Mola


Traveling is precious

Why we make a journey is as important as how.


Travel with humility and respect

We are not here to dominate or exploit nature or societies, but to be part of them.


Think holistically

The world is a complex system: how we behave affects not just animals, objects, and individuals, but biospheres, cultures, and communities.


Travel regeneratively

Our aim should always be to have an additive impact rather than a subtractive one.


Take fewer trophies

See, appreciate, enjoy, and respect: bringing back what you have learned is one of the greatest gifts of traveling.


Never stop learning

Traveling is always an education: encountering different places, communities and cultures can open both minds and hearts.


Transparency is empowerment

Ask where things come from, how they are made, and who is providing the services under what conditions, so that you can make informed choices.


Technology is a tool, not a destination

It should be smart, non-intrusive, and support a regenerative lifestyle. You should also be able to turn it off.


Leave your baggage behind

Go forward to meet new people, have new experiences in new environments, be respectful, and endeavor to connect with and listen to the locals.


Slow down

Understanding that the best journeys are not a race against time allows us to pause, focus, and truly appreciate encounters.

Save these thoughts

Download a digital wallpaper to keep these concepts close. Just save the image on your phone or tablet and set it as your home screen.